Monday, February 1, 2010

Vandy Checks in at 20 in the Coaches Poll, 18 in the AP

Check out the rankings at ESPN.

In addition, this week's Bubble Watch is just about ready to name us a lock. ESPN has Kentucky as the only current lock, but they believe a good week this week could be enough to punch our ticket to the NCAA's as well.

Currently, Joe Lunardi has Vandy as a four seed in his latest bracketology. Not bad for a team he didn't even have in the field at the beginning of the season.

Finally, Seth Davis continues his mea culpa, and rated the Commodores 15th in his AP ballot. As he states:

"Vanderbilt fans have been on me all season for not ranking their Commodores, so I hope I made it up to them by installing their team at No. 15 on the basis of the win at Tennessee. I probably left the Vols higher than they should be, but I don't think you can make a strong case that the teams ranked behind them are definitely better. You'll also notice that I left Wisconsin ahead of Purdue, even though the Boilermakers beat the Badgers last week. That game was in West Lafayette, and it was darn close. From a rankings standpoint, I call that a wash."

Apology accepted from my perspective Seth, that's a pretty enormous boost in the polls.

Now let's keep it up and DO NOT FOLD DORES.


Bobby O'Shea said...

I really think it is ridiculous that Tennessee remains ranked ahead of Vanderbilt after the Commodores beat them convincingly on their home court, and they struggled to beat a Gator team that Vanderbilt dominated at home.

Andrew VU '04 said...

Indeed. That was my only problem with this week's rankings.

Anything but Gatorade said...

It's still all about perception. Beat them again at Memorial and there won't be any doubt.

Anonymous said...

This team's not gonna fold: CKS won't allow it.

BTW, I had a raging hangover Sunday.

Looking forward to more live chat/blogs.


FiveStarDore said...

The Louisville Courier-Journal's sports editorial columnist Eric Crawford had high praise for CKS on Sunday following the Dores' tough loss. He said, "a better basketball technician in the conference than Kevin Stallings, there is none" when discussing how the Cats played inconsistently but hit enough threes and used the home court momentum to carry on to a victory.

Admittedly, when you look back at the game, having a team shoot 10-21 from three on its own home court makes it tough to win, regardless of who you're playing. Not that it ever helps to play this silly game, but if a few of those threes in the first half don't go down, then it becomes a 6-8 point game at the half instead of 14-16 and that would have made all the difference. The Dores tightened up on D in the second and forced UK to shoot 9-29 from the field. They also let them shoot a bunch of FTs, and they never got closer than 8, but it would have been way different if the Cats hadn't shot out of their minds in the first half.

That said, I wasn't all the impressed by UK since they played like a bunch of freshman, and they are VERY VULNERABLE to getting beat on the road, as their loss to USC last week showed. They are beatable at Memorial in a couple of weeks.

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

I'm still fired up about the possibility of winning the SEC East Regular season. This is accomplished by holding serve, as you suggest. Hopefully that is Stallings' message for the team right now. Do that, win a couple of games in the tournament, and suddenly a 4 seed in the bracket is chump change.

Bob Loblaw said...

It's still all about perception. Beat them again at Memorial and there won't be any doubt.

this is too good a point to be ignored. However, since I can't improve on it, I will shush now.

Unknown said...

1. I Like our chances against UK in Memorial
2. This next game against Ms. State is a great indicator of how the rest of the season will go I think and whether we end up a 3-4 seed or a 10-11.