Monday, February 1, 2010

Jeff Goodman and Gary Parrish Say Vanderbilt is Now #16

Fortunately the Vols held serve at home on Sunday, otherwise I don't think we'd be treated so generously.

Parrish and Goodman bumped us up to 16 this week after not being ranked last week. That's a pretty significant jump, and shows how huge splitting this week of tough road games was. While the Kentucky game was disappointing, it's worth noting that our strength of schedule according to a couple of RPI outlets jumped significantly after playing Kentucky. They weren't rated the #1 team in the country for a week for nothing folks.

The biggest thing we've gotta do now is win games we should win. I include this game Wednesday as one that is a must. We're playing for seeding right now, and while we were playing with "house money" on Saturday, it's going to be important to recover and keep up our confident play. Holding serve at home against Mississippi State will set the tone for a strong finish, and will truly justify the attention we've been getting.

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