Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jay Bilas: Only B***hes Complain About Baseline Benches

Here's a nice little excerpt from Jay Bilas' most recent chat:

The Hamburglar (DC)
What's your opinion on Vandy's Memorial Gymnasium being "unfair?"It didn't seem to be unfair when the Dores were pathetic a few years back. It seems convenient for people to use that excuse now that he's put together a respectable program.Go Dores

Jay Bilas (4:39 PM)
That is stupid. I hear people talk about that too much. It is interesting having the benches at the baseline, but that is it. I played in Memorial, and I do not ever remember being disoriented or not knowing where my coach or bench was. Memorial is really tough when Vandy is really good. It is really easy when Vandy is not so good. Pretty easy to figure out, huh?

We hear ad nauseum about how our benches give us an edge, and it certainly is unusual. But a homecourt advantage is only as good as the team that plays there. Fortunately, we're in the scoring points business, and baby, business is a-boomin' (exception: Kentucky).


Chuck Heston said...

Arguably Memorial is the most "neutral" homecourt in the nation. Benches under the baskets means the coaches for 1/2 the game are separated from players. There's a country mile b/w the fans on the sidelines and the court. The student section is not behind either of the baskets, so no real distractions hitting the FTs. If I was an opposing team, I would love playing in Memorial (if I wasn't facing Vandy).

Anonymous said...

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