Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anybody Up For A Little SEC West Bashing?

A couple articles on how crappy the SEC West is. As if they needed to write an article to tell us.

While the 2nd article is nice for building up confidence its not really fair to take out the bad half of the SEC and compare it to full conferences. If you dropped the backend of any conference it looks a lot better. All we can say is the SEC East is much stronger than the West which we all know.

Also here is an article by Joe Biddle about the ramifications on our win over UT.

I'm snowed in up here so anyone have anything good to talk about today?


Unknown said...

A topic receiving considerable attention recently (at least on Jacksonville, FL Sport radio) is the so called looming "conference shuffle." Rumors have been flying 'round here that Pitt is likely joining the Big "10" while the Pac 10 is also considering expanding to twelve teams, likely offering membership to Colorado and BYU. How might this impact Vandy? Well, speculation yesterday from "those in the know" was that if a school from the Big 12 leaves for the Pac 10, the conference will jump at the opportunity to court Arkansas as its replacement. Evidently, old-school Razorback boosters are eager to reestablish the old traditions and rivalries (with Texas, Oklahoma, et al) and feel that they have a better shot at being a national title contender again in the Big 12.

So my question is: IF such a shuffle goes down, who gets the SEC membership offer from Mike Slive? Clemson? Va Tech? Louisville?

Douglas James said...

I really don't believe Arkansas will leave the SEC. The SEC just signed the biggest sports contract. They would be giving up on so much money just to play Texas and Oklahoma. Doesn't make any sense.

Douglas James said...

From Chris Loh's SEC Blog on (about breakout players)

3) Vanderbilt safety Sean Richardson: Some might say that Richardson already introduced himself to the league last season with his 84 tackles, which led all SEC defensive backs during the regular season. But if you’re looking for prototypical safeties who can hit, cover and act as an enforcer back there in the secondary, the 6-2, 210-pound Richardson has a chance to really be special next season. Vanderbilt defensive coordinator/secondary coach Jamie Bryant has done an outstanding job when it comes to grooming quality defensive backs, but Richardson is the kind of punishing tackler that may be one of the best yet to come out of Vanderbilt.

Unknown said...

How about the promotion of Kiser as Offensive Cooridnator? Thoughts anyone?