Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lockridge Takes Stock

There's a must-read in today's Tennessean by Jeff Lockridge about Vanderbilt football, specifically what the team loses and returns from last season's disappointing 2-10 squad. With National Signing Day approaching, it's certainly a good time to analyze what Vanderbilt needs going forward.

What do you think is the biggest hole/concern headed into next season?

In the interest of getting a conversation going, if you select "other" or just have some penetrating insight, please share in the comments section

Also, be sure and check out this great post/"catch" from our friends at Moral Victory! who note that Reilly Lauer's name no longer appears on the updated Vanderbilt roster.


Tom M said...

This article is from the 11th, which matters in that Roby is now a Buckeye. The receiving core is that much thinner already.

Bobby O'Shea said...

I just saw the article this morning, so it's new to me. Still, given Roby's decommittment, it's certainly a little dated. E me

Anonymous said...

I voted for ted cain as the biggest problem.

And american idol as the "biggest loser" of all t.v. shows.

It still sucks.