Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good Week of Practice Despite Troubling Injuries

When your team has eight days to sort out its problems (plus exams to deal with at the same time), the last thing you want to hear about is players missing practices. Apparently AJ's foot problems have been acting up again, Andre's got the flu, and Lance is concussed. Not awesome.

On the much brighter side, those who have participated have apparently made the most of this week of practice. CKS is (finally?) focusing on defense in practice and getting "back to basics" with emphasis on fundamentals. That ought to warm the holiday spirits of many a Commodore fan.

We'll be back soon, folks. Go Dores.


Chuck Heston said...

VSL sometimes posts Yes/No polls and I'd be interested to see who feels whether the team will win all of its remaining non-conference games. I happen to think Vandy will, in light of the opponents the team faces and the fact that they will be home games. A caveat would be the So. Miss game, which may be interesting.

If (admittedly not an insignificant "if") that occurs the team would be 11-3 when FL comes to Memorial. That game may define the rest of the season for the Dores. FL may be nationally ranked at that point and it will be an opportunity for Vandy players to show if they want a season to remember. A victory would be huge. The next 2 games will be away at opponents (Auburn's one) that Vandy has a decent shot at winning.

As always, I wait and see.

Stanimal said...

I think we CAN win out until SEC play and I think we SHOULD win out. But unless we play with more tenacity and desire, we simply won't.

VandyGold28 said...

i think we should win out but i don't think we will. not even close. we may lose 2 or 3 stinkers.

AJ is a baby and is not the player i had hoped for. i'm starting to despise him more than ted skuchas. at least he had the cool hair he blew up every time he shot a free throw.

walker tho would be missed. if there was ever a glue player it's him. hope he feels good soon.

Anonymous said...

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