Monday, November 9, 2009

If This Doesn't Get You Jacked, You Don't Have A Pulse

Vandy Athletics has been releasing highlight reels of the men's basketball team for the past couple of weeks. Today they released the highlights for Jeffery Taylor and Big Fez.

Here's Taylor's. The 360 dunk off two feet is an especially nice touch. We've come a long way since the Holwerda jam a few years back haven't we?

If you haven't seen all these videos, do yourself a favor and find them on the official Commodore blog. It's gonna be a good year folks.


Stanimal said...

Ok, maybe it was more like a 270, but heck I can't do it, and neither can J-Werd.

vandygold28 said...

i'm excited to even see the exhibition tomorrow night. there were very few people there last year which surprised me considering how many new faces we had. with only jenkins i imagine it might be the same. i guess the fans just don't come out for the exhibition games but i always like to get back in the friendly confines of memorial gym and see how the team looks. hopefully we draw a nice crowd for the lipscomb game considering our big road trip immediately following.

Pinhighs said...

I try to make as many games as I can. got season tickets, but living in Watertown, it's hard to make the trip during the week. I believe I will try to make tomorrow nights game. Can't wait to get the season started.

Go Dores.
It's good to be GOLD.