Tuesday, November 10, 2009

VSL Hotline: Tell Us What You Really Think, Edition

Given the "snarky" option in yesterday's poll about whether or not Vanderbilt would win another football game this season, it was hard to get an actual sense of what VSL Nation thinks. So, with that in mind:

David Boclair writes in the Nashville City Paper about how the "Battered seniors" are desperate for their first SEC win. An AP story paints the picture of a healthier Wildcat team coming to Nashville. Despite being winless in the SEC, Brett Dawson writes in the Louisville Courier-Journal that Kentucky still sees the Commdores as "dangerous."

Boclair has another piece in the Nashville City Paper talking about the successes of Warren Norman and the fact he is an SEC record-holder...at least for now.

Jeff Lockridge is reporting on the time for Vanderbilt's final football game of the season in the Tennessean. Vanderbilt's trip to Knoxville will be televised on ESPNU and kick-off at 6 central. In addition, Lockridge writes in the Tennessean that Bobby Johnson feels SEC coaches should be able to express themselves without fearing a lightening of the wallet.

Joe Biddle's column in the Tennessean talks about the offense's inability to find the end zone this season. Apparently, the Commodores offense has struggled...who knew.

Finally, the men's basketball team will have their one and only exhibition game later today at 7:00 (walk-up tickets available starting at 5:30, thanks for the clarification Steve) in Memorial Gym against Alabama-Huntsville. You can get details from VUCommodores.com. Given that the focus is starting to shift to basketball, David Boclair has a story in the Nashville City Paper about A.J. Oglivy's "clear head" after suffering from his second concussion.


Anonymous said...

The other poll:

A) american idol sucks

B) american idol REALLY sucks

C) all "reality" tv shows suck

D) all of the above

E) A & B only

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Steve said...

I'm pretty sure you have the times confused for today's bball game.

I believe what VUcommies says is that walk up tickets open at 530 central but that the game gets under way at 7 central.

Either way, I know I'm excited to see what we actually look like.

Stanimal said...