Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is this the end for Jermaine Doster?

According to the Tennessean, running back Jermaine Doster has been suspended indefinitely from the football team for violating team rules. Doster was suspended for the entirety of last season after being arrested in Tampa. He is the brother of Kwame Doster, a running back for the Commodores who was gunned down over Christmas break after his freshman fall.


Anonymous said...

Doster is done.

So are the Dores.

I'm ready for November.

Ogilvy, Jenkins and more.

Who are the starters?

Pick 5 and you win

Ogilvy, Beal

Taylor, Tinsley, and HIM

Stanimal said...

Great poem

Initial Starting 5 for next year (and will likely change some):
PG Beal
SG Tinsley
SF Taylor
PF Tchiengang
C Ogilvy

In reality, this is the kind of rotation we should be looking at:

PG Beal/Tinsley
SG Tinsley/Jenkins
SF Taylor/Goulbourne/Walker
PF Tchiengang/Walker/Goulbourne/McClellan
C Ogilvy/Big Fez

That, my friends, is a deep rotation of talent.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Doster. He never did much and caused too much distraction.

Also, I think we might have a shot this weekend against UGA. Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I too think we got a good chance at beating UGA.

Maybe we'll see Jamie playing Wideout - he had his best game aginst the 'Dawgs last year.

Anonymous said...

maybe american idol will still suck

At least my prediction could happen.