Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coaches Stand Behind Larry Smith

CBJ and Ted Cain continue to hold their ground, leaving Larry at the helm and trying to fend off calls for a change at QB while also seeking to avoid letting this season spiral completely out of control. Meanwhile, Mackenzi Adams is getting more and more fumed -- and less and less shy about vocalizing it to the media. I'd say this internal conflict is a recipe for disaster or a harbinger of implosion, but it's possible we've already crossed that bridge. What say you?

In related news, I knew we'd hit rock bottom when our fearless leader CBJ resorted to whining about the late-game pass interference call against Army. I mean, a bad call it may have been, but seriously...ARMY.


Bobby O'Shea said...

I think the coaching staff is right to stick with Larry. For better or worse, Smith is the future of this team and the best way to retard any potential growth is by giving him a vote of "no-confidence" in favor of Mac. Larry has struggled with completions, but his receiving corps is probably the worst Vanderbilt has had since the M.J. Garrett years (how's that for keeping it real?).

There is also no doubt that Adams is getting increasingly unhappy (and vocal) with his clipboard duties. It's not like Adams wasn't given chance after chance to win the job, This is not a Chris Sims/Major Applewhite situation. If Vanderbilt is going to make a change at QB, I think Jared Funk or Charlie Goro is the more prudent choice.

I also couldn't agree more with Seamus' take on CBJ's complaints over the pass interference call in the Army game. I love you Bobby, but we did not lose that game because of a call. Worse, we are to believe that the difference between Army football and Vanderbilt football is a bad-call, than we have bigger problems.

Bobby O'Shea said...

A good post on Vanderbilt from Team Speed Kills. He's not wrong.

Anonymous said...

Nice goldilocks, M.J.

I know who I'm calling when I need career guidance.

Unknown said...

What did Belushi say in Animal House?

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going!"

"Remember when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"