Thursday, September 3, 2009

Know Your Section

If you're planning a trip to the season opener against Western Carolina, make sure you know which section you're sitting in and plan to wear either black (sections A-K) or gold (sections L-V) accordingly. See here for more info.

David Boclair's got an interesting piece about Jared Hawkins' nagging foot injury and how he may be falling right in line with an unfortunate history of Vanderbilt running backs fizzling at the end of their careers. Which again brings up the question: Should Hawkins be the starter on Saturday? My thinking at this point is you have to sit him. The guy has watched more preseason practices than he's participated in, and you've got two freshmen (Zac Stacy and Warren Norman) who look like they might be just as good right now, not to mention the fact that they're the future of the backfield (along with Wesley Tate). As CBJ said, the ideal of course is to have the young guys start out by spelling the veteran. But why not give Hawkins more time to rest the foot, let the newbies get some experience in a less risky game against an FBS opponent, and see how it plays out from there? You also have the option of playing junior Kennard Reeves, although he didn't make a ton of noise in two-a-days.

Most of you told us the freshmen should play instead of Hawkins. Let us know if your thoughts have changed.

Vandy is 24-3 against the Southern Conference but CBJ isn't taking the Catamounts lightly. I know I shouldn't do this and I hope the players aren't, but I can't help looking ahead to LSU. You?


Anonymous said...

is doster not a factor? i thought this guy was gonna be good like his bro was.

Seamus O'Toole said...

Between the suspension and the ankle injury, I think Doster has faded into the periphery. Sounds like he and Gaston Miller both may get some looks returning kicks, but likely nothing more than a few plays here and there off the bench as far as I can tell. There's been talk of using Miller in some third-down situations too.

Anonymous said...

Agreed about looking ahead to LSU...but CBJ has the Middle TN St. debacle to remind the team of...very little probability of a letdown Saturday evening in Nashville.