Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dicky V shows Kevin the Love and Reports from Practice

Dick Vitale has a column on ESPN.com singing the praises of Coach Kevin Stallings, and his funding of the team's trip to Australia. While many in VSL Nation have felt slighted by Dicky V in the past, I am personally a fan (except when he is calling Duke games, which really is unbearable). I think he brings an energy and excitement to games that is too often lacking (read Billy Packer). Anyway, it's worth a read and a story we should expect to hear about more and more over the course of the season. If this helps recruiting, this might be the best 100K CKS and Vanderbilt ever spent.

Jeff Lockridge has a must-read in the Tennessean. According to the story, there was a communications breakdown between recently named QB1 Larry Smith and the coaching staff. Smith is claiming he was informed that he won the starting nod via text message from his cousin; CBJ contends "Larry knew." There's an ominous quote from Mackenzi Adams, who Smith beat out for the spot, who said: "It’s frustrating. Fourth time around. It’s really frustrating. I wasn’t really told. I kind of found out when Coach Johnson had his press conference.” It's not surprising Adams is unhappy about being beaten out. What is surprising is how he expressed that frustration so publicly.

More for Lockridge: CBJ says Jared Hawkins needs to practice the next 2 days if he wants to play Saturday. In the meantime, freshman Zac Stacy has been getting reps with the first team. Given Jared's nagging injuries and the fact the Commodores travel to LSU next week, is CBJ better keeping Jared out until the trip to Baton Rogue and let the freshman get their feet wet against a potentially weak opponent?

It also appears redshirt freshman John Cole has recovered enough from hamstring and ankle injuries and will start Saturday, according to Johnson. Right now, Cole is slated to join Alex Washington and Udom Umoh as the starting receivers. Defensive tackle Adam Smotherman missed practice due to illness but is expected to start Saturday. Finally, Jeff is reporting that Eric Hensley has been working with the first-team at right guard in place of Reilly Lauer, who is out with an elbow infection). Hensley is the projected starter, but that is all subject to change according to Coach Johnson.


Anonymous said...

It's not the first time Adams has whined publicly about Playing Time. He knew it was comming though so it shouldnt be a shock, and its not like he hasn't had plenty of opportunity over the years to take the bull by the horns and cement himself as a starter. Now Larry gets that chance, go get em Larry

Anonymous said...

wow, way to go dickie v. reporting on a story that is about a month old now right? get that one hot off the press? i'm no fan of that guy. at all. plain annoying in my book. pumped about some football.

Anonymous said...

DV has been good for college basketball. His unbridled enthusiasm re: hoops is great.

american idol on the other hand still sucks and in fact blows a55 royally.

Stanimal said...

My problem with Dickie V is that he's dated. He provides no value in terms of analysis. His only value is in his signature catch phrases and his overall persona. It's actually a lot like Lee Corso, but there's no team that Lee Corso loves that could even compare to Dickie V's love for Duke.