Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vandy Announces the B-Ball Non-Conference Sched

Pretty impressive group I think. Mizzu, Depaul, Illinois. Western Kentucky, Manhattan and St. Mary's (not to mention the Maui Tournament). Well you can def say we are going to know alittle something about this team before we hit the SEC part of the schedule. The Missouri, Depaul, Illinios 3 game stretch will be one of the hardest I can ever remember (and that is coming right after the Hawaii trip). I think we played Georgetown and Georgia Tech back to back a couple years ago but then had cupcakes on either side of them.

I think this is good as we need to test AJ, Taylor, Jenkins and Brad early.



BP said...

I'm excited!

And hey, it's August and none of the freshmen transfered!

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't consider depaul a quality opponent especially at home. they can't beat a single team in the big east. granted the best basketball conference on the planet but still.

However, I am impressed with Missouri, Illinois, Western, and St. Mary's (not so sure about Manhattan either).

With Cincinnati for sure at the Maui and potentially Maryland and maybe another team if we keep winning (Arizona, Wisconsin, or Gonzaga most likely) we'll definitely have a good strength of schedule this year. Now can we win these games? Who knows. Jenkins first year, and we never play good on road.

Excited, but anything could happen with this tough of a schedule.