Friday, August 7, 2009

Practice....We're Talking About Practice?

Vanderbilt practice opens today. David Boclair has a great primer in today's Nashville City Paper about how Bobby Johnson is making the most of his time with the team given the NCAA rules. While the team will not take the field until 6pm, the coaching staff as a full day planned which includes a team breakfast, meetings, lunch, and a walk-through before finally taking the field at 6. Coach Johnson has said in the run up to practice that give Vanderbilt's schedule, the coaching staff is going to be very cognizant of how physically demanding practices throughout the season are. With 12 games in a row, one of Vanderbilt's biggest concerns all year will be keeping fresh legs.

Jeff Lockidge writes about Mackenzi Adams in today's Tennessean. This is the second season in a row where, despite playing most of the previous year, Mac goes into camp uncertain about where he is on the depth chart. While Adams tries to take the high road in the piece, it's clear he wants to be the starter and is frustrated that he's not QB1 heading into the season.

The Defensive Preview will be posted later today, in the mean time, happy Friday.

Bobby, OUT

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