Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where Are They Now?

Kinda quiet on the Commie sports front right now. Here is an article from the Nashville city paper about Derrick Byars attempting to impress Mr. Larry Bird or maybe another NBA GM at the Orlando Summer League. Also playing in the league are Matt Freije (Portland) and Shan Foster (Dallas).

Who do you guys think has the best chance to contribute to an NBA team this year? I would have to go w/ DB. I think Freije's shot has come and gone but DB had a great year in the NBA D-league last year and I don't understand how he wouldn't be able to contribute to a team w/ energy minutes off the bench. Especially considering most NBA teams don't go much more than 8-9 guys deep. He has to be better than most of the stiffs on the end of most NBA's benches. What you guys think?


Stanimal said...

Byars did play well in the D-League last year. But Shan also played well for the Mavs summer team last year, and that wasn't enough. Although perhaps with a year of seasoning Shan might be ready for the jump.

Either way, it's tough to say what the NBA is looking for. Execs are all over the place. It seems that if they're going to take a flyer on someone at the end of an NBA bench, they want to take someone who either has "upside", or who can come in and play some reliable minutes, either offensively or defensively, off the bench. I don't think Shan or Byars falls into the upside category. Shan is more likely to make it for his offensive reliability (i.e. shooting the lights out). Byars is more likely to make it by being a glue guy, kind of a jack of all trades.

In either case, and we've seen it time and again from the NBA, being a college star doesn't guarantee you a pro job. The execs are far too stuck on their scouting departments to look strictly at college performance.

Douglas James said...

But of those 3 who do you think has the best shot?

Anonymous said...

Byars has the best shot w/r/t roster openings, but I think it's Foster who has the best shot making a team. It might not be the Mavs, but teams are always looking for a sharpshooter off the bench.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

DB brings the most energy and has the best shot. i dont' think foster will ever play in the NBA. i'm not so sure freije's time has come and gone. he was the very last player cut last year on a roster so maybe he'll impress again.

Anonymous said...

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