Friday, July 10, 2009

Some Reasonably Good Press for Vandy

Since the Tennessean and Nashville City paper continue to refuse to actually cover Vanderbilt sports we must depend on other sources to get our fix. Here is some stuff I found (and by found I mean was sent by my buddy Mahoney and saw on

1) Is from a Blog called "" and posts are article about non-top 25 tier football programs that should be most attractive to recruits. Vandy is listed w/ the likes of UNC, UVA, UCONN and South Florida. We get points for having hot co-eds and Nashville as a city. However the writer goes out of his way to zing the team by saying "at least 5 games a year where scouts will show check out the other team." Really was that necessary especially when he flaunts how great the Big East is for UCONN? Please STFU. Sorry I'm alittle freaked out w/ the NY bar coming up in less than 3 weeks and don't take kindly to backhanded compliments.

2) Is from CBSsportsline. I guess they do a feature called "Arena Wars" and pit sports arena's against each other. This one puts Memorial against the University of Minnesota's "The Barn". Part of me wants to take it as an offense that we get put up against the people from the Fargo movie but they are probably looking at going up against Vanderbilt in the same way. If you check out the article be sure to vote for Memorial if only to kill an extra 20 seconds of your work day.

That's all I got. Have a good weekend. I'll be studying Secured Transactions/Commercial paper!!!!!!!


Stanimal said...

How long until football season? Seriously, Arena Wars, the State of the Nation on ESPN for the NFL, all of this stuff is complete garbage. Obviously nothing is going on right now, so there's nothing to write about, but it's just a reminder about how bad the summer sucks for sports.

Douglas James said...

Especially when the baseball team you root for is as exciting as our respecitive teams (please note the amount of sarcasim)Stanimal.

Mahoney said...

Thanks for the shout out