Monday, June 22, 2009

NEW RECRUITS (Update!!!!)

Well I don't feel much better then I did yesterday but thought I should update the new recruit info none the less. Also in the past 24 hours is reporting another new signee. This one being Logan Stewart a 6'3, 275 lb OG prospect from South Carolina. That brings the total number of public verbal recruits to 9. Here they are with some updated/new info.

1) Kenneth Ladler, Safety/DB - 6'0 (180-187) from Georgia. Ladler is ranked as a 78 by and unranked so far by 78 is right around the highest rank that our recruits have been the past few years so he looks to be one of the studs of the class when Rivals gets around to evaluating him

2) Grant Ramsey, OT/OL - 6'5, (270-280) from Georgia. Ramsey was one of the first public commits. He is graded as a 77 by ESPN and a 3-star recruit by rivals (#40 overall OL prospect). He also has supposedly gone head to head with the #3 recruit......

3) Kyle Woestmann, DT - 6'3 (260-265) from Georgia. Woestmann didn't put up crazy numbers as a Junior but has supposedly really impressed people in camps and workouts since. ESPN grades him as a 77 and Rivals lists him as a 3-star (#45 overall DT prospect)

4) Andre Hall, CB/DB - 5'11/6 (170) from Louisiana. Hall is ranked on ESPN as a 75 and not ranked by Rivals yet.

5) Logan Stewart, OG/OL - 6'3 (253) from South Carolina. Stewart is listed on ESPN as a 75 but not ranked by Rivals yet.

6) Thomas Ryan, DE - 6'4 (225-240) from Florida. Ryan was the 1st public verbal. He is ranked as a 74 by ESPN and a 3-star recruit on Rivals.

7) Nance Nash, QB - 6'4 /6'3 (200-205) from Georgia. I think Nash will be the only QB recruit this year but who knows. Nash is now ranked by ESPN as a 73 and is a 3-star recruit by Rivals.

8) Chase White, OT/OL - 6'4/6'5 (255-260) from Texas. White is ranked as a 70 on ESPN but no ranking by Rivals yet.

9) Trent Pruitt, WR - 5'10 (175) from Georgia. Pruitt played WR and RB as a junior. He isn't ranked on either Rivals or ESPN yet.

Thoughts: Well I could be wrong but I think we have been recruiting in the state of Georgia this year. Dam 5 of 9 public recruits are from the Peach State. Sure this makes Stanimal happy. Also I like how 5 of the 9 are either offensive or defensive lineman. If your strong there then everything else will come together alot easier. That's about all I've got on this.

UPDATE - Trent Pruitt just was rated by ESPN as a 72.

Also there is ANOTHER commit from Georgia this was being
10) Jonathan Krause, WR - 5'11 (164) - 3 star recruit who hasn't been rated by yet.


Andrew (VU '04) said...

Potential new thread:

A few of my friends (all but one Vandy grads, most of whom went to LSU for Grad school, the one other is a LSU grad and LSU law grad) have been debating the #61 preseason ranking has given Vandy football. (

Some agreed with it, others, like me, became violently angry, put on my debatin' cap, and went to town on them. Regardless, it's something you guys might be interested in debating.

Secondly, the most interesting thing to come out of the thread was that one of us commented that he might be crazy (what with the crazy LSU fan base) to wear Vandy colors to the Vandy @ LSU football game this fall (which we're all going to by the way) but he's going to do it anyway. This struck a chord with the lone LSU person, who said: "The old 'horrible LSU fan argument' needs to be put to rest - EVERY school has loud, obnoxious, jerks for fans - and for everyone 1 LSU fan who is like that I can give you 5 who aren't."

Here was my reply: "I don't think we can put it to rest. That's the same argument people use to explain that the Middle East is not an intolerant area. 'For every radical fundamentalist with ties to Al Qaeda, I can find you five normal, hard working Middle easterners who strive for freedom and have the same core values as you' and blah blah blah. The argument is not that certain fan bases possess the violently supportive, it's in the degree/percentage of violent supporters that brings a fan base a certain negative tinge.

For example, though I could see a few of us getting into a ridiculous bar fight based on a UT fan being an ass, we are the exception, not the rule, and further, it would take an absurd amount of UT douche-i-tude to get me to react. However, I was in attendance at the LSU v Vandy game in Nashville, where, in our own student section, mind you, a friend of mine was spat upon, and the rest of us were continually mocked and goaded into a fight. A LSU grad student who'd gone to UT as an undergrad (a 24-year-old girl at the time) wore her UT shirt to the UT v LSU game (something I warned her about, but she poo-pooed, claiming, 'All my students are the nicest people...') and she was hit in the back with a full can of beer. It left a visible welt (and though I found it hilarious, it's still ridiculous). I also had to 'defend her honor,' something that wasn't the easiest thing to do with a group of ten drunken, beer can chucking, idiots yelling 'Tiger Bait' at the top of their lungs.

Let's put it another way. The Eagles and Cowboys have a storied rivalry. The Cubs and Cardinals also have a much ballyhooed rivalry. A person wearing a Cowboys jersey to an Eagles game (especially in the 700 level at the old Vet) would be lucky to leave the stadium with a broken arm. I've seen it. It's not pretty. However, you could bring a bus of schoolchildren in Cubs jerseys to Cardinal Stadium on 'Free Keg Day' for all Cardinals fans sitting in the cheap seats, teach those children specific taunts about Albert Pujols sexuality, and not one of them would be so much as verbally harrassed.

You could wear a Chicago Fire jersey to the New York/New Jersey Metrosexuals soccer game, and hear nothing of it. Wear an Ecuadorian flag to a Colombian soccer stadium, and expect to be shot in the face. Repeatedly.

The point is, there's a difference.

That being said, monocle up. I may wear mutton chops and a captain's hat."

Anyway... I thought you guys might be interested in the age old fan base debate.

Anonymous said...

Another commit! Jonathan Krause:


Jonathan Krause's signing makes him the sixth out of Vandy's 10 verbals from Georgia, and the fourth from the Atlanta area.

Anonymous said...

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