Tuesday, June 30, 2009

UPDATE: If This Isn't Illegal, It Should Be...

UPDATE: We've added a poll

The 13 year old brother of Tennessee Safety Eric Barry, Evan, as committed to the Volunteers according to the Nashville City Paper. Lane Kiffin's recruiting record at UT has been marred by allegations of (and actual) NCAA violations, maybe this latest episode will spawn the "Kiffin Rule" in college football.

More on this story from Drew Edwards of GoVolsXtra


Memorial Magic said...

Count me among the last to rush to Lane Kiffin's defense in any situation, but the article seems to indicate that Kiffin didn't have anything to do with this "verbal commitment." It at least appears that this was just the result of a reporter talking to one of Berry's younger brothers at a track meet and asking questions that gave the kid the opportunity to say he was committed to UT. The more I read the stories under this headline, the more it seems like a non-story. There is not the involvement from the head coach like in the Gillispie situation. Good thing Gillispie locked up that eighth grade commitment, right?

Rented Mule said...

My guess is he either leaves for a better program or the NFL before then.

Unknown said...

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