Saturday, June 27, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Williams Transferring to Memphis

The Associated Press is reporting that Elliot Williams, who was released from his scholarship by Duke on Wednesday, will transfer to Memphis. The Memphis native is transferring to be closer to his mother, who is currently ill.

This news, while not shocking, is disappointing for Commodore fans. Given the reason for his transfer however, Williams' decision is understandable and we at VSL wish him and his family well.


Anonymous said...

no surprise. i never got excited over this because it seemed pretty obvious this is where he'd end up. good for memphis. they have him on top of two decent recruits. i think they will do fine w/out coach cal this year and might still end up at a 4 seed.

Douglas James said...

I also think this helps (even if only in a small way) in Vandy getting a commitment from Casey Prather. Some think that Memphis could be competition for Casey and it takes one more scholarship that they could have used on him (although Prather is a small forward/wing and Williams is a guard). Whatever all I'm saying is I want Prather real bad.

Andrew Vandy '04 said...

Other than the homoerotic overtones, I agree with Douglas w/r/t Prather.

Anonymous said...

This article referenced you guys:

Boffo for you. It's a well thought out, well written article, as well. However... 65?!?!?!?! BOOOOOOO!!!