Tuesday, May 19, 2009

John Wall Commits to Kentucky

Kentucky fans get their wish. John Wall is headed their way.

While I must say this makes Kentucky very impressive on paper, this doesn't make them a lock for SEC East champs, though they will be favored. Unless Jodie Meeks returns, the Wildcats will be relying on a lot of youth (with the exception of Patterson), and it'll require at least one of their new five-star diamonds to pick up a large scoring load (something that's not so easily done, as the 2008-09 Commodores can tell you).

Still, big pull for the Cats, who really have a lot to cheer about. They'll be cheering even more when Demarcus Cousins passes his ACT (something most Vanderbilt students have to do BEFORE they get in to school).

Come on, you knew I had to throw SOME sort of academic crack in their didn't you?


Tom M said...

It may be tough to get all these NBA-bound talents on the same page, especially without a real leader on the team. That said, they have enough talent to steam-roll most opponents (excepting Vandy of course)

Douglas James said...

Plus they are 3 scholarship athlete's over the limit even if Meeks doesn't come back.

Anonymous said...

How does that work? Will they have to cut some kids? I know football schools like LSU repeatedly bring in 25-30 people a year, even though the cap on recruits would seem to dictate that's not allowed. Explain.

Anonymous said...

what about discusing a vandy team actually playing right now? I was unaware this was strictly a football and basketball blog and that kentucky basketball trumped other vandy teams.

Anonymous said...

Vanderbilt men's baseball just got a huge win over the #1 seeded LSU tigers... How do you guys think Kentucky's basketball recruits feel about that?

Unknown said...

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