Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Rest for the Weary: John Jenkins Getting Started Right Away

Mo Patton's article in today's Tennessean is exciting news for Commodore fans (to say nothing of my bet with The Bude that my boys will be in an Elite Eight in the next 3 seasons): John Jenkins is already in the weight room at McGuggin and is enrolling in summer classes that start June 1st. Jenkins is the most highly touted recruit on Vanderbilt's radar since the school declined to ease admissions standards for Ron Mercer.

Vanderbilt opens up their 3 game, season-ending series with Tennessee tomorrow night at Hawkins Field at 6pm. The Commodores are currently 4th in the SEC East and currently slated to be the 8 seed in next week's SEC Tournament in Hoover. A sweep, combined with Ole Miss and Georgia sweeping Arkansas and South Carolina respectively could leap-frog the Commodores to as high as a 6 seed. I wouldn't hold your breathe.

It's always the way, Commodore sports gets slow when the VSL Staff gets some free time. Thankfully, Lane Kiffin seems to provide constant fodder.

Bobby, OUT


Anonymous said...

Do you mean John Jenkins?

Bobby O'Shea said...

I did, in fact, mean John

Anonymous said...

bet that we will be in the elite 8 for 3 years in a row? i think you're crazy but i would love to see it. i think we get there once in the next 3 years but i don't think 3 times in a row.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2, you need more practice on your comprehension skills. He clearly said "my boys will be in AN Elite Eight in the next 3 seasons." "An" indicates one.