Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vandy Adds One More Player to 2009 Football Class

I've been waiting patiently for the next 2010 commitment, well that's not 100% accurate as I check ESPN.com and Vandysports.com about 1,000 times a day hoping for a new commit to feed my constant need to recruiting information. Anyway I was quite shocked to check Vandysports.com this afternoon and find that Vandy has added another recruit but for 2009 not 2010. His name is Collin Ashley (from Flower Mound, TX), ESPN.com has him graded as a 73 (#158 ranked safety), Rivals lists him as a 3-star (79th rate athlete). However reading the Rivals.com article about Mr. Ashley's commitment it looks like Vandy wants him to play WR. This is prob a good thing as we already have a lot of DB talent coming in the next class and will need more depth at WR (supposedly we were planning on getting 3-4 WR's in the 2010 class).

Ashley is the 3rd white WR to commit to Vandy in the past 2 years.

Anyway now I have gotten my fix I should be good for about 2 hour before I start fiending for another commit.

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Anonymous said...

Good for us, but you're right... the info on him is a bit all over the place. ESPN has him as a cover 2 corner, with his best potential at Safety. Rivals has him near the top on the potential meter (5.6) with respect to the rest of Vandy's class (our top 2 recruits, Brady Brown, and Wesley something or other are ranked 5.7). He's got a 4.4 listed as his 40 time (nice) but ESPN says he doesn't play as fast as the track time indicates. Bah... overall, we'll see what Bobby J does with him (which most likely will be to give him the Bobby J freshman special--the red shirt).