Monday, April 13, 2009

Ryan, Langford....etc

Hadn't posted in a while so figure I would do a little one today.

First off has finally graded Vandy's 1st 2010 football commit. Here is the breakdown on Thomas Ryan:

Ryan is a good sized kid for the defensive end position. He carries good bulk and displays the frame to get bigger. He is a defender with a good motor and really seems to stay active during the play and work to get around the ball. He has a good get-off. Against the run when he can get to the shoulder he can get into the gap and stay square and make a play on the ball. When taking on a blocker he will flash the ability to use his hands to create some separation and will flash the ability to keep solid pad level. He needs to become much more consistent with this though. He needs to watch his pad level as he can tend to get tall coming out of his stance. He also needs to work on bringing his hands to protect himself and make it easier for him to shed. He is a tough kid and will fight to get to the ball, but leaves himself open to blockers and absorbs more hits then you would like to see. He is a good wrap-up tackler. Display adequate straight-line speed. He pursues to the ball. As a pass rusher he will show flashes of being able to attack half-a-man and throw a club move and get skinny and work on by, but needs to be more active with his weapons and have a plan more consistently. Can attack the blocker down the middle and get caught up. He will make some plays because he keeps working, but needs to work on clearing the blocker quicker. Ryan is kind of a blue collar defender. He plays hard and until the whistle. Needs though to keep developing his game and we would not be surprised to see him develop into and possibly move to defensive tackle in college.

Reshard Langford - Here is an article about Reshard who I think can be a very solid backup/special teams guy in the league at an absolute minimum and possibly a starter given some time to improve his coverage skills if he remains at safety or time to grow if he moves to LB.

Vandy baseball - Had a huge weekend defeating the #1 ranked Arkansas Razorbacks on both Friday and Saturday (the game on Sunday was rained out). This is very big for a young but talented team. Hopefully we take advantage of this momentum and maybe shock a few people in the SEC tournament and finally get some NCAA tournament success.

Finally here is a link to to an article for the All Mid-State Boys basketball team. It includes a mini interview with Jenkins who is the player of the year and a decent video with some of his highlights for the year. For anyone who hasn't seen Jenkins on video this is can't miss.

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Stanimal said...

Jenkins ranked the number one offensive shooting guard according to Rivals.

Also ranked the shooting guard with best range. See you next year kid.