Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Lord Law School Blows

Not that I didn't realize law school could be the seventh level of hell before, but it CERTAINLY qualifies after this past semester.

Let's lighten the mood a little. First of all, John Jenkins won the Capital Classic 3-Point Shootout. If you want to pay for Rivals, you can read the article about it. But I believe I heard that he buried 41 over the three round competition, which is absolutely insane. Needless to say we need THAT in our lineup.

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet on the Vanderbilt front. The baseball team is struggling as they go through some growing pains, and are likely a year or two away from ripening into a top flight squad, but other than that, nothing huge.

Think of it this way though, with every day that passes without any Vanderbilt announcements, another day comes where our entire basketball squad remains intact for 2009-2010. And the thought of a team with all of those players back, well, that just excites me.

Enjoy the Masters and baseball.

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Will said...

Re: Law School Blows

My sentiment exactly. At least last year Brandt took our minds off the pain to some degree... this year, just pain.