Thursday, April 2, 2009

Non-Jay Cutler football news

Everyone seems preoccupied with the whole Jay Cutler fiasco in Denver and where he might end up. While I would love to see him with the Jets I really don't want to give up the pics/players necessary to get it done most likely. Therefore I have turned my attention back to football players who still matriculate at Vandy.

I have praised him in the past but the past 2 days Chris Low goes above and beyond in his Vanderbilt coverage for his SEC blog on His last 5 posts are about Vanderbilt. I love the attention and the team deserves it.

There are some particularly good nuggets in these 5 articles. Here are my favorites:

1) Senior Center Bradley Vierling saying the team "underachieved" in 2008. I love that the team thinks they should have won 10-11 games last year. That is the mentality that a consistent winner has to have.

2) Props for Low finally giving some attention to the rest of CBJ's staff. We have an incredibly sound coaching staff (with the exception of Ted Cain). Some of these coaches are going to be gone in the next year or two but I see this as a good thing. The more Vandy staff that go on to success other places the better future Vanderbilt has when CBJ eventually retires (I personally think he deserves basically a lifetime contract and can coach till he decides he has had enough).

3) I'm excited to see this new offense we are running. A no huddle/spread offense in the SEC? Didn't seem to work at Auburn but Florida has had success (with immensely more talent then we have). But should be interesting. I just can't imagine Ted Cain becoming this mad scientist all of a sudden because Rice gave us fits last year.

4) Casey Hayward and Sean Richardson. I'm pumped to see what they can do this year. Casey has been a ball hawk in spring practices supposedly and I have to imagine teams will be throwing his way a lot this year with Myron Lewis holding down the other side. They have big shoes to till but I think they can do it.


Anonymous said...

cutler to bears. 3 commodores on da bears. is earl still there?

Anonymous said...

Cutler to chicago.... look at espn