Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Cutler Drama Continues

There's been a lot of news lately about Cutler ignoring efforts from the Broncos management, including the owner Pat Bowlen, to reach out and try to repair the strained situation in Denver.

According to Cutler though, the Broncos have not tried to reach out to him, except for a day turnaround where Bowlen said he needed to speak with him, and then announced that they were going to trade him.

This is a complete mess for all parties involved and certainly can't be the way Josh McDaniels wanted to start his stint with the Broncos. We obviously have no way of knowing what's going on, but there is clearly some miscommunication between the parties. If this new information is accurate, then it would seem that perhaps some of the negative attention has been unfairly placed on Jay.

As poorly as I think Jay and Bus Cook have handled the situation, the Broncos got themselves in this mess and its likely to set back any kind of turnaround the team was seeking. It's a perfect example of needing to plug your leaks and make sure information regarding trades stays quiet. Matt Cassel may understand the system better, having played in it for a while, but Jay certainly could have carried the torch for McDaniels, having been the third best passer for yardage in the league last year (behind only Brees and Kurt Warner). Now, the Broncos will need to get a decent offer for Cutler, replace a starting QB somehow, and integrate a new system with whoever they end up with. If the team had done a better job of keeping these discussions quiet, perhaps none of this damage would have been done.

The only good news for the Broncos is that there's going to be a lot of demand for a 25 year old proven starting QB, and the bidding war that will ensue probably will drive up the price some. But draft picks only get you so far, and in a draft that doesn't really have a Joe Flacco sitting in round two, any pick for a QB is going to be a gamble.

Broncos need to take the best deal available, probably draft a QB to mold somewhat, and go out and hire a proven veteran like Garcia or Leftwich. One things for sure, I wouldn't throw a rookie QB in this situation, because Denver just isn't going to have the running game of their past now that the Mike Shanahan system is out of the picture.


Tom said...

Come to DC!

Bobby O'Shea said...

I hope for the Broncos sake that Josh McDaniels was worth a Pro Bowl quarterback, because none of this would have happened had the Broncos not (irrationally) dismissed Mike Shanahan.

Note: I actually hope McDaniels falls on his face like the rest of Homeless Billy's disciples.

Stanimal said...

There had better be a Thomas Dimitroff exclusion to your comment O'Shea (although he's not a coaching disciple), otherwise problems will be had.