Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Basketball Recruiting Update (2010)

Obviously we are all super excited to see what John Jenkins does this year. However the next 2 or 3 recruiting classes will be very important is keeping up the momentum from the past 2. Currently Vandy will at least be losing PG Jermaine Beal and SG George Drake after this upcoming season. And while I don't think it will happen, if AJ takes a few steps forward there is a chance that he leaves after his Junior year to go pro. That being said this will create a few holes which will need to be filled.

1) Point Guard - Man I wish Beal was only a junior because I think this team could be really special (like final four special) in 2 years (if AJ stays for his senior year). But Dolla isn't and while Brad improved his PG skills over the year I'm not sure if he will be a true #1. Even if he is we have no backup plan and NEED a PG real bad. The two guys that Vandy have apparently showing the most interest in are Kyle Fuller (California guard) and Eric Atkins (Maryland guard). However according to Rivals.com Atkins has now committed to Notre Dame. Currently Fuller is unranked by Rivals (but has a 93 grade from ESPN.com) and has a ton of significant offers including UCLA and Cal. However in an interview he did with Vandysports.com last week he claims that Vanderbilt is his current leader and that he hopes to commit somewhere before summer is over.

2) Casey Prather - I want Casey REAL BAD. If you haven't heard of him before he is a 6'5 power forward from Jackson, TN. According to Rivals Wake pulled his offer because they got another small forward commit. Prather is getting significant interest from UNC although they haven't offered yet. Prather is rated 4-star by Rivals and has a 97 grade from ESPN.com. However small forward is not an area of need so if we can't get Casey, I hope we don't waste a schollie on a lesser #3.

3) A big guy (whether a true center or a power forward). According to Vandysports.com we have not offered any big men yet but ESPN.com says these two guys are considering: Center Dwight Powell from Florida (who is only 6'9) and Adrian Hubbard from Georgia. I don't know much about these guys but depending on how Festus and AJ improve this year a big man might be a necessary get.

That's all the info I have for 2010 but 2011/2012 are going to be crazy recruiting years with so many juniors/sophomores on the team. I'm sure CKS wants to try and balance out the classes so we don't have such big and then small classes after each other. Ok back to not studying for finals.


Anonymous said...

i think we get fuller and prather. should help replace beal and drake (who i have never been impressed with)

Douglas James said...

I'm not a Drake fan and honestly don't know how much playing time he really is gonna get this season. If Walker comes back healthy we have a rotation of Guards: Beal, Brad, Jenkins (3), Wings: Taylor, Lance, Andre (3), Big Men: McClellan, Festus, AJ, Tshiengang (4). Thats a 10 man rotation. Maybe Drake gets some garbage minutes but I'd be surprised.

Anonymous said...

i forgot about walker. i think he's full of potential. hope he has a good year.

Anonymous said...

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