Saturday, February 14, 2009

Live-Blogging the Tennessee Game...

I can't think of a better way to spend Valentine's Day with my new wife than devoting my time to VSL...

UPDATE (2:11): Jeffery Taylor's already got 2 win on the road, the Commodores have got to take care of the basketball. UT's going to want to pressure the ball, there's no reason to help them out

UPDATE (2:14): Jeff's second foul will mean we probably won't see him for the rest of this half. I've loved the way Lance Goulborne has played as of late. This could be he's "coming out" party

UPDATE (2:27): We haven't scored in over 6 minutes...awesome

UPDATE (2:35): Wayne Chism's headband looks ridiculous. There's no way that's helpful

UPDATE (2:38): "That was like a bitch-slap to the face," said the wife.

UPDATE (2:49): Is Joe Duffy really the way we want to end the half (1 turnover, 1 foul so far)? Thank god UT's struggling from the free throw line, or we'd be in serious trouble. With all that said, if we can end the half down between 6, we should consider ourselves lucky.

HALFTIME UPDATE (2:54): Vanderbilt, with the exception of their 8-0 run, did not play particularly well. They've turned the ball over a lot and been really affected by UT's pressure. Down the stretch, it appeared the guards were forcing the issue and driving to the hoop too indiscriminately. The fact that 4 players have 2 fouls is a serious problem. If we fall back into a zone, we're going to get killed on the offensive glass; if we play aggressively, there's no doubt we'll lose the services of some important players. If Vanderbilt's going to win this game, Jermaine has to got to get the team into an offense, help spread the floor, and knock down a few shots. They've got to keep up their defensive intensity (which has been good) , but "finish" by clearing the glass and only giving UT 1 shot. Perhaps most importantly, Vanderbilt has to limit turnovers. As Joe Dean pointed out a few minutes ago, UT's scored 10 points on Vanderbilt turnovers, the margin of UT's lead. As is always the case with Vanderbilt, how the start the second half is critical. If they can cut the lead to under 4 by the first media time-out, they should be in pretty good shape.

Finally, something to watch: Vanderbilt hasn't hit a three-pointer yet. Could THE STREAK be in jeopardy?

UPDATE (3:18): THE STREAK CONTINUES...we're playing terribly, but at least we've got that going for us

UPDATE (3:33): I really don't have anything else to say...

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Stanimal said...

We're pretty much cooked. Here's hoping we do well enough to make NIT (not that many of us actually believed we could make the tourney as one of the lesser teams in an already weak conference).

Lots of talent, just couldn't make up for the inexperience.