Saturday, February 21, 2009

Live-Blogging the Florida Game...

As Mo Patton points on in today's Tennessean, Vanderbilt hasn't won in Gainesville since 2001, and after the game they played in Memorial a few weeks ago, I think it'd be fair to say expectations are low. Still, Vanderbilt is a much better team than when they met the Gators in Nashville (see Joe Biddle's Column in today's Tennessean) and I think it's possible this team could surprise some people. Vanderbilt is very much on the outside looking in for the NCAA Tournament, still a strong finish in conference play and a couple wins in the tournament might put the Commodores squarely on the bubble.

I'll be live-blogging the game and I'd appreciate it if others chimed in (if only so I feel like a little less of a loser)

UPDATE (Note: I didn't start watching at 2, so I'm slightly behind))

The intensity is there early, but they're just not finishing. 7-2 isn't bad considering we've missed out last 6 shots


The press is getting to the Commodores early, and the freshmen's shaking ball-handling is on display. They've got to try and commit more to the inside game and get AJ involved. 9-2 Gators


Now a word from Captain Obvious: "It is nearly impossible to win on the road when you get down big." They haven't scored in almost 7 minutes. They're getting some decent looks, but can't seem to get anything to fall. (Currently, they've missed 11 straight). 12-2 Gators

I like that Vanderbilt has started to extend the defense. I think a 3/4 court press falling back into a zone might be a nice way to mix things up and force Florida into taking some bad shots. Despite their start, if Vanderbilt can continue to whittle down the lead, they'll be OK. UF 21 - VU 11

UPDATE: (I'm back to real-time)
You've got to love the way Brad is playing. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Still, we've got to cut it to 10 at the half. AJ's playing with some fire (which makes a huge difference) but Florida is still making tough shots and getting too many easy ones. UF 34 - VU 19

40-23 is not the way Vanderbilt wanted to head to the locker room. They've done a better job breaking the press, but haven't been able to get much to fall. Florida shot 61% from the floor, but it wasn't as if the Gators were only taking uncontested shots (although they did take some). Vanderbilt's defense wasn't bad, but they weren't forcing enough turn overs. I'd love to see the Commodores try and trap a little more coming out of the gate. I know Florida likes to play up-tempo, but down 17 at the half, Vanderbilt's got to take it to the Gators early if they want to get back in this game. Jeffery Taylor did not have a great half. What's more surprising is how meek he's been with the basketball. He's got to be tougher down low, especially since he's not a threat from beyond 5 feet.


I really wish they'd stop talking about THE STREAK. Really, who cares?


Signs of life from the Commodores who have cut the lead to 14 (it sounds silly to say that out loud). If they can cut the lead to single digits by the 10-minute mark, and under 7 at the 8-minute media time-out, they've got a shot. Problem is, any time you work this hard to get back in the game, you're so happy to be in the game you don't have enough gas to win the game. And we all know what Herm says.


Question for Larry Connely: If Brad Tinsely is no longer a freshman, what should we call him?

We're down 16, so I would bet I spend the rest of the time making fun of stupid things the Raycom announcing team says.


Is that Jeffery Taylor's first 3 of the year?

UF 68 - VU 51

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