Thursday, January 1, 2009

Vanderbilt Wins Music City Bowl, O'Shea Wedding Going Forward Unimpaired

Congratulations to Bobby Johnson and the 2008 Music City Champion Commodores. The curse is broken, the streaks are snapped, and the proverbial corner has finally been turned.

A few thoughts following yesterday's incredible victory:

1. This is Larry Smith's team. He looked confident and poised playing in a big-time game, and it was never clear to me what advantage we gained having Nickson substituting in (though I'm happy for Chris that he got some PT in his final game).

2. This is a well-coached team. Zero penalties. Zero turnovers. That's the difference.

3. That being said, Ted Cain must be fired. Zero offensive touchdowns. Only eight first downs. 200 total yards of offense. 1 of 15 on third-down conversions. Prior to the bowl game we were 117th out of 119 Division I-A teams in total offense, and that number won't improve when the final tally is in. With a defense that's been in the Top 30 the past three straight seasons, those offensive numbers just simply will not cut it. And let's not even bother talking again about the play calling. It's...over.

4. We got some breaks. The muffed punt that turned into a touchdown was a New Year's gift (although let's tip our hat to MVP Brett Upson for pinning BC with bad field position all day). Several dropped passes by BC receivers that were wide open. A key roughing-the-passer penalty on third down late in the game. You could certainly make the case that BC beat themselves.

Regardless, the win was sweet for so many reasons that it's hard to spend too much time focusing on negatives. First bowl win in 53 years, first winning season since 1982, snapping Boston College's eight-game bowl winning streak...Not to mention the sweet redemption for Bryant Hahnfeldt (3 for 3 on the day with a game-winning 45-yard field goal with 3:20 to play), and for Myron Lewis as well (gave up the long touchdown but made a VERY athletic interception that sealed the victory). I'm sure I'm leaving out other good story lines.

Bottom line, you gotta feel good for the team and for CBJ. This program is headed in the right direction, and with the addition of a little offensive firepower to this young team we could see some very exciting football in the next few years.

O'Shea gets married Saturday. Game on.


Anonymous said...

Dancing with the stars causes BS like that halftime show at the MCB to happen.

The crappy country-western cover band music that delayed the "battle of the bands" on 2nd Ave. sucked as well.

Anything but Gatorade said...

What, you didn't just LOVE the Crystal Shawanda and Danielle Peck show? They totally added to the college football experience! FREALZ!

Anyway, very good defensive performance by the 'Dores. I'm sure it was great to finally get 50+ years of futility off of their backs. I'm looking forward to seeing even better football on West End in the future. Offensively, it can ONLY get better, because the offense was beyond horrific on Wednesday. Fun game experience, though, and I can't wait for more.

Moving on to basketball, what's going on there? I heard them beat something called St. Francis before the bowl game, but not so much as a peep has really been said about them thus far. Can A.J. stand up to the Patrick Pattersons and Alabama Couldn't-Make-the-Football-Team-ers this year, or will he fold like a cheap suit? Can Beal get the ball to another scorer when he faces real defensive ball pressure? Is the Swedish kid actually good (and why doesn't he have a goofier name)? Hopefully these questions are answered affirmatively by the time SEC play begins, which is very soon. Oh, and memo to Coach K(S): schedule better non-conference games; a winning record in the crap league that is the SEC this year might not be good enough to get your ticket punched for the Big Dance. Go 'Dores.

Aaron said...

i agree that Cain needs to be fired, and hopefully it will happen soon. However, i think the bowl game victory may have saved his job for 1 more year.

Anonymous said...

why isn't the umass game on TV any more!?!? what happened? it was supposed to be broadcast by cbs now its nc state-florida. i hate nick calathes. he's first trip to memorial was embarassing. i hope it is again this year

Anonymous said...

I want to impregnate Danielle Peck