Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Year, a New Outlook

Welcome to 2009, a year in which there is a lot of hope for Commodore athletics.

For one, the Vanderbilt football team has turned the corner. First winning season since 1982, fitting that it should be solidified in a bowl win. Larry Smith showed a lot of potential for next year, and while D.J. Moore's absense will certainly be felt, it's clear we have a lot of young talent to keep us competitive (assuming that Ted Cain is no longer with this team in 2009, but I wouldn't count on that).

For another, the Vanderbilt basketball team seems to be finding its footing, slamming UMass this past weekend 78-48. The women's team stumbled a bit losing to Iowa State 55-51, but there's little doubt the ladies will rebound.

The baseball team should be starting things up pretty soon and with a highly touted recruiting class rolling in, we may be looking at the breakthrough we've all been hoping for from Commodore baseball.

All that being said, 2008 was a great year for Vanderbilt sports, and 2009 promises to be even brighter. Go Dores!

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