Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vanderbilt Land's 14th Verbal Commitment

Word from Rivals is that Texas CB prospect Eddie Foster has committed to Vandy. Although on the small side right now (listed at just 165 lbs) he is supposedly a speed demon (with 40's timed in the 4.3's!!!!!!). We really needed a CB commit and this appears to be a good one. Some other names I hope to see commit in the next few weeks before signing day:

OG - Jared Wheeler (down to us and the U)
DE - Michael Buchanan (in his top 3 or 4)
CB's - Trey Wilson and Gene Robinson (with DJ declaring for the draft and some seniors graduating we need the depth)
Athlete - Quinn Giles

In basketball recruit news John Jenkins has been going off. He is dropping a redonkulous 41.7 points per game including 51 points the other night.

That's all I got.


Stanimal said...

You can't coach speed, but you can build size. With a 5'10" frame this kid will put on a few more pounds. But that 4.38 will be huge for our secondary in running against the SEC's best receivers.

This is the 10th Rivals 3-star who's committed, double our highest number over the past 5 years. Would love to see us land a 4-star somewhere, any prospects out there of that caliber to look out for?

Douglas James said...

Buchanan is a 4 star right now. Some of our current 3 stars had outstanding years. Goro was player of the year in the state of Illinois and Zac Stacy rushed for over 2,400 yards. I also could see Walker May move from 2 star to 3 star as he was a complete beast this year. A very well rounded class.

Anonymous said...

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