Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ton of Recruits Visiting This Weekend

I'm sure most of you have B-Ball on the brain right now specifically our horrendous 3-point shooting against UGA (by the way John Jenkins has now hit 56 trey's in 15 games this season for Station Camp) but football recruiting is in full swing and this promises to be a HUGE weekend for Vandy football.

First, my limited sources tell me that Vandy recently got their 15th commit from Brentwood native Thad McHaney. He is listed on both ESPN and Rivals as a TE but supposedly Vandy wants him to play either offensive or defensive lineman. Obviously for both lines he will have to grow into his frame alittle (as he is 6'6 but listed at between 220-240). More interesting than that is that he only just recently committed to Ole Miss. Ole Miss's rivals site claims they pulled his scholarship offer, while Vandy rivals claims he decommitted in favor of Vandy and that the people at Mississippi are simply trying to save face. Now none of this has been confirmed in public but I figured I would justify me posting by letting you all know about this.

Secondly CBJ and the rest of the Coaching staff has a ton of recruits visiting this weekend. This includes everyone of the current 14 commits (not including McHaney at the moment). Also visiting are top remaining recruits Trey Wilson, Quinn Giles and Wesley Tate. This weekend is significant for many reasons. First its a chance for all the commits to meet and do some bonding. Second its a chance for CBJ and his staff to sure up some of the guys who might be soft verbals (I'm looking at you Darius McMullin!!!!!!) and finally its a chance to turn a good recruiting class into a great one with the additions of those three uncommitted guys visiting (I'm sure there are some other guys visiting but these were all I could find). Wilson and Giles are both CB's (though Giles is listed as an athlete) and although we got a commitment from Eddie Foster we really need some depth in the secondary. Tate (younger brother of Notre Dame stud WR Golden Tate) is a big RB (listed at 6'2) and although we have two good RB recruits already, they are much smaller and it would be awesome to add someone of Tate's skill. As we all know 1st string depth for Vandy has been much improved but we still trail other SEC teams in depth which is what kills us in special teams.

Anyway hopefully Monday or Tuesday we have some big recruiting news to bring everyone. Hope you all enjoy your MLK days. I'm going skiing up in Vermont where temperatures are projected to be between -1 and 5 degrees at the base (I don't even want to know what it might be like at the peak)

UPDATE 12:04am

Made a MISTAKE in my prior post in that only 12 of the 14 commits are coming this weekend. McMullin is not visiting (which really upsets me as I was hoping it could help keep him a Commie). Secondly OL recruit Mylon Brown already made his official visit to Vandy a few weeks ago so he won't be coming either. Learned my mistake from (which is the Vanderbilt Rivals site) and is an awsome site with always the best Vanderbilt info out there. My bad for not properly mentioning them earlier.


Anything but Gatorade said...

Oh, we feel just horrible for you, Doug. Poor guy, has to ski in Vermont!

Keep plugging, Dores.

Will said... is the only one I've seen report this. You should cite them if it's your source.

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