Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another VSLer Takes the Plunge: Seamus Engaged


A hike in Washington, DC this morning ended in the engagement of Seamus O'Toole to the beautiful, charming, and UT-hating EJ. While these two have been together for a long time, everyone suspected she'd realize she could do better. Luckily for Seamus, it seems that concern was mooted early today. Many of the same questions Seamus posed in light of my engagement several months ago are now relevant to him: "'What was she thinking?' 'What did he slip in her drink?' 'Has a date been set (please God, let it not coincide with a major Vanderbilt sporting event)?' 'How will this affect [Seamus'] wall-to-wall coverage on the best dang Vanderbilt sports blog on the web?' And so forth."

Mr. and Mrs. O'Shea would like to send best wishes to the impending bride, and a hearty congratulations to Seamus. We'll continue to follow developments throughout the day...

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Anonymous said...

Apparnetly It's already affecting it... Anyone who actually got to see yesterdays bball game have any thoughts?