Wednesday, December 24, 2008

VSL Hotline: Teams Head Home for Christmas

Vanderbilt's Football team, unaccustomed to practicing in the month of December, had their final "pre-Christmas" practice yesterday before heading home for a 3-day holiday according to Mo Patton in today's Tennessean. CBJ seemed to imply that the team was somewhat "unfocused" as the team went through their final preparation before moving out to the Opryland Hotel on Saturday where the team will stay in the run-up to the team's first bowl appearance in 26 years. Still, Bobby was more forgiving of the lack of concentration than Coach Stallings was of his team's performance against Furman Monday night. While the men handily defeated the Palidans 68-49, the game was a sloppy one and CKS was unhappy with the team's play according to Mo's article in Monday's yesterday's Tennessean.

In their continued push to make Vanderbilt's appearance in the Music City Bowl a financial success for the city of Nashville (and send a message to future bowl committees that Vanderbilt fans spend money), the Guru David Williams is encouraging fans and alumni to "vacation . . . in Nashville" according to David Boclair's piece in today's Nashville City Paper. Vanderbilt has already sold their initial 11,000 seat allotment, and requested an additional 2,500 seats which they also expect to sell. For all the "goings on," go to Bowl Central at

Preparations for the first ever VSL Nation tailgate are under way (the steak is already marinading) and she are bound to have a great turn-out. When we get more information about where we will be setting up shop, we will let you know. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Go Commies.

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