Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tis the Season

Finals are over, and your faithful VSL servants are now dedicated to talking Vanderbilt sports. We will be previewing the game, getting insights from the BC bloggers, and making arrangements for the first ever VSL tailgate. There are a lot of events going on surrounding the game, and for all the information you need go to's Bowl Central. Also, VSL is pleased to announce that we have officially be credentialed for the Music City Bowl. Don't worry, our new found respectability will do nothing to change our coverage.

Here are some stories we thought you should know about. Mo Patton reports in today's Tennessean that Larry Smith has been getting reps during the team's bowl preparation and might see some time in the game. VSL is on record as saying that Larry Smith should play, it's nice to see the rest of Commodore Nation is getting on board.

David Boclair's got a piece in today's Nashville City Paper about Jermaine Beal and his improved scoring prowess. Jermaine is the elder statesmen of this young team, but I think this team is better off with Jermaine distributing the ball rather than being one of the team's primary scorers. Thoughts?

Bad news for former Commodore Jonathan Goff, who according to Ralph Vacchianno of the New York Daily News was placed on injured reserve and will miss the remainder of this season.

Get excited, finals are over and Bobby is headed to Georgia (before coming back for the game) to get married. Let's go Commodores.


Douglas James said...

Before this season began I would have agreed that Beal needs to distribute and not score. But now that i see the type of team we have I have changed my mind. AJ is really the only consistent scorer we have right now. I love Jeff Taylor and think he might be the best player we have ever had at vandy when all is said and finished but he is very raw. Brad's offensive game is not where I think we all hoped it would be and Tshiengang and Gouldbourne are just starting to get their feet wet. This means we need Beal to be a scorer as well as a distributor. And as this article points out his offensive game has really improved. He is going to the rim stronger then ever (which is leading to plenty of free throw attempts) and he seems to be taking less retarded 3 point attempts (or maybe he is just hitting more of them) either way for the time being we need him to be our second scoring option till the freshman get their sea legs. I just wonder when that happens if he is going to be ok with going back to running the point?

Anonymous said...

He can do both. I've always thought Beal's strong point was driving to the basket and getting to the foul line. Because of the crazy perimeter shooting we've had in the past two years, he's been all but unable to utilize these skills. This is Taylor's strongpoint, as well. The more they do that, the more the defenses will collapse on the dribble drive, leaving uncontested shots for Brad and Lance on the kick-out (they should come around... nowhere near where Shan was last year, but no one outside of the state of Tennessee had that, either). CKS is going to have to adapt to this team... I don't think we'll really get a sense for what they can do until midway through league play (or maybe even after). The talent's there... they just have to get used to playing with eachother. All that being said, I'll be there for the Florida game. And yes, I will still be chanting, "Walsh, you suck!" I suggest you do the same.