Monday, November 3, 2008

Fulmer out at Tennessee

ESPN is reporting that Phil Fulmer will step down as Tennessee's Head Football Coach at the end of this season. While everyone knew it was only a matter of time, the fact that Fulmer agreed to step down as opposed to forcing them to fire him (and pay a huge buy out), leads me to believe that Phil wants to maintain some good will at his alma mater. In my humble opinion, this move paves the way for David Cutcliff to return to Knoxville after a year in Durham improving the Blue Devils (and potentially ruining Vanderbilt's bowl hopes). Thoughts from VSL Nation?


Stanimal said...

Don't know about Cutcliffe taking over Tennessee after this year, but mostly because I'm not sure Cutcliffe is going to want to take it over.

First of all, he and Fulmer are extremely close, and I can't really see him wanting to fill the shoes of someone he has an affinity with.

Second, I think he might decide that, given the success his Duke team is having in the much easier ACC, he might choose to keep building there without the difficulties of SEC play. That's just a hunch, but I've heard similar rumblings about folks who are high on the Clemson job (all the pomp and circumstance of SEC football without the grueling schedule)

Aaron said...

Will this set up the dismissal of Tuberville as well?

Anonymous said...

If Fulmer had any hopes of salvaging UT's lackluster season, this was the best way to do it. Clearly his younger players are giving up on him which is clearly displayed with all the mental mistakes and penalties the Volunteers have committed on the field. With Fulmer saying this is now his final season in Orange, his players now have a new reason to play and to try and send their respected coach out on a high note. Tennesese is very dangerous when they have a motivation to play, and Coach Fulmer just gave his team his last motivational pitch. From a team and leadership standpoint, this was the best thing Fulmer could have done.

Tom said...

Cutcliffe has said no dice re: UT.