Sunday, November 2, 2008

Be The Trap

The Gators are on a massive roll after a 49-10 thumping of Georgia which left yours truly quite furious.  It was highly emotional for Florida, who wanted to avenge last season's defeat and make a huge statement that they were the kings of the SEC east.  After yesterday, no one in America is questioning that.

Except for Bobby Johnson and the Commies.

Florida gained the top spot in the SEC in an emotional victory, and sure, people would be crazy to think it didn't set them up to play in the SEC championship at year end.  The Florida offense is rolling and the defense was opportunistic.  But Urban Meyer had better tell his team they aren't out of the woods yet, because this is exactly the position Vanderbilt loves to be in.  Vanderbilt is the trap this week.

Florida hasn't lost to Vanderbilt in 17 years.  They put up 49 points on us last year on their way to 500 yards of offense.  This years team has all those pieces back plus a couple of dangerous tailbacks in Chris Rainey and Jeffrey Demps.  But for whatever reason I just love teams coming off emotional games having to travel on the road to a team they expect to beat because they just have for so long.  It's because they are ripe to fall, and nothing would be sweeter than watching the Gators go home with a loss putting Vanderbilt in a 3-way tie for the SEC East and having THAT qualify as our ever-elusive sixth win.

The numbers say we should lose this game all the way.  Florida has the 15th ranked defense in the nation against the now 117th ranked offense.  The 31st ranked offense vs. the 37th ranked defense.  And I'll bet when the line comes out this week it'll be double digits, without a doubt.

But things are a lot different when you the pressure is on you after an emotional win and you have everything to lose, and you play a team coming off a bye week with absolutely nothing to lose.

This has all the makings of a trap game, and we're the trap.  Florida may be rolling, but they're not invincible.  They can lose on any given Saturday (see Ole Miss).

However unlikely the numbers say it may be to win, they still have to beat us in a game on the road.  Here's hoping that we can ruin their season.


Anonymous said...

A 3-way tie, yes, but the Commies would be in the driver's seat, having beaten Florida.

Commies 20
Gators 14

Anonymous said...

lets say the unlikely happens and we win, who owns the tiebreaker? We would have beaten uf but they beat uga who beat us.

Anonymous said...

being the trap would be nice, but i doubt it. florida has put up an incredible amount of points the last two weeks. they killed kentucky and uga. i'm pretty sure i'll be walking out by halftime and looking forward to an exhibition game of all things sunday to see the new basketball players in action. i wonder how they did in the scrimmage against unc on sunday. i doubt anyone knows as no one is reporting on it and no one was at the game.

Anonymous said...

if it stayed a 3 game tie the tie-breaker would go to the team highest ranked in the BCS polls, which, if Vandy beat UF, would no doubt be UGA.

Aaron said...


Anonymous said...

I admire your wistful thinking, Commies. But you got trouble coming to town Saturday-good luck with that.

Also, characterizing the Gator D as "opportunistic" seems to be a bit left of objective. The Gator D dominated UGA's running game in exchange for allowing some play action completions and, UGA gained over half its passing yards in "garbage time."

Best of luck to you, the Commies definitely run a class program. Still, people would be much more inclined to believe that an upset was possible if you'd managed to beat Duke.

Stanimal said...

Stat of the game was 4 turnovers. Georgia got more total yards of offense and didn't have much trouble moving the ball during the game but poor decisions really hurt them down the stretch. Not saying that Florida is a bad defense, because they are far from that. They are very talented across the board and have played lights out in their past two games. But, the 49-10 score is a little more lopsided than the actual game was. In a lot of ways Georgia shot themselves in the foot and let themselves get buried.

Don't really think that's "left of objective", think that's a pretty fair summation of the game.