Friday, November 21, 2008

Commodores Fall to the Fighting Illini

This one really wasn't that bad, and pretty understandable since it was the youngins first shot at big time program.

Played well I thought against a tough opponent. Not a great opponent by any means, but a solid opponent. Didn’t turn the ball over nearly as much as against Morehead, looked to be more patient, and played pretty good defense, although we sometimes got lost, particularly when they’d get their shooters into the corners. Couple of observations.

1) Taylor has unbelievable talent but needs to learn to shoot with some range and needs to be more disciplined going to the basket. I can see him being good for an average of a double double in the future though given his physical talents and his knack for putting the ball in the hole.
2) Given our size all around the court, there is no way we should lose the rebounding battle. AJ is a great basketball player but he has got to improve his rebounding. Festus could be an absolute gobbler too, but he has to improve his rebounding as well. If I’m CKS in practice this week, I’m running box out drills over, and over and over again.
3) Free throw shooting was terrible last night, but I think that’ll come around. This was really their first hyped big game and that can translate to missed free throws.
4) We are lacking in the three ball department badly for the first time since I can remember. Tinsley is a huge pick-up for us. He has a pretty shot albeit it comes out kind of flat, but there’s no doubt he’s got some range on it. Stupid move to take that desperation shot at the end of the game, needed to go for two there, but once again, he's young. We're just going to have to ride the storm in terms of the threes until Jenkins gets here in '09.
5) This game goes the other way if we have Steve T. and Goulbourne. Unfortunately it looks like we’re going to be without both for a few games, and Goulbourne is going to take some time to recover since he’s got mono. But not a bad effort at all considering we lacked two contributors.



Drew said...

I just found your blog. I live in LA, can't see a lot of the games for myself and shall be leaning heavily on you from now on for in-depth insight. Nicely done. I'm looking at this year as a slight rebuilding year, a chance for a great FR class to get their SEC legs.

I'm going to get the Google reader and add you.

Oh, and if you want to read my writin', check out my own blog with a "waiter" theme:


Douglas James said...

This season is going to be an interesting one and I don't think anyone can expect too much from this team especially so early in the season. Some of my thoughts from watching the game

1) Jeff Taylor's 360 dunk and block were both redonkulous. I was freaking out at the bar while everyone else is watching the Steelers game. What a freak!

2) AJ really needs to muscle up. I don't understand why he has so much trouble rebounding (especially cause he looks more muscular this year)

3) We were really hurt by having Tshiengang and Gouldbourne out. Steve is going to be our best rebounded and we need lance's outside shot.

4) Beal should never shoot the ball. I'm sorry I absoutely hate it when he tries to score.

5) Where was Charles Hinkle? Isn't he supposed to be this sharp shooter? Thats the kind of guy we needed last night.

Overall think this will be a good learning experience for the team

Anonymous said...

AJ is very skinny, like a starving kid in Africa skinny.

Aaron said...


Aaron said...
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Anonymous said...

Indeed. I was over a friend's place watching the game before heading over to the LSU game (both terrible, terrible games). By the third drive, I shouted "Cain!!!!" so loudly and angrily that his sleeping girlfriend shot out of the bed and twisted her ankle. Ted Cain must be set on fire. He may keep his job provided it's a Tibetan monk style self-immolation. Then, once the skin grafts take... fire him.