Thursday, October 23, 2008

Make or Break Game

While Bobby is working on the Duke preview for this week, let me just say that this game is a must-win game for the Commodores.

I understand completely that Duke is a better team than they've been in years.  David Cutcliffe, in my opinion, got a raw deal at Ole Miss and is a much much better coach than he is given credit for.  If you don't believe me, compare Tennessee's offense this year to the past couple of years.  Nonetheless, this is a game that we should win, period.  I don't like speaking in absolutes because of the craziness of every weekend, but if we fall in this game, our season does not look pretty the rest of the way.

That being said, the faithful bloggers are right, we're still 5-2.  We lost two tough SEC road games.  And with 5 games left to go in the season, this Saturday we could finally take the jump to winning our six games, leaving us bowl eligible with 4 games to go.  From there, it's only a matter of how far we can go in games that are very winnable.

It's time to take the monkey off our backs.  We've knocked on the door to bowl eligibility long enough.  Now it's time to kick the friggin' door down and get on with the rest of the season.  The only thing left after this weekend if we're 6-2 is to just go out and play football week to week and see who we can leave crying on the sidelines, wondering why Vandy isn't a pushover anymore.  In my opinion, that's a much easier pill to swallow than wondering when we're going to break this 26 year bowl drought.

We got our bells rung in Starkville and Athens, but by no means are we out.  Time for this team to recover and finally reach our goal.

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