Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VSL Hotline: It's Too Early for This, Edition

So I'm excited about Vanderbilt's 2-0 start. We all are. But I've got to say that discussion of the Commodores finally breaking their bowl-less streak this season is WAY premature. With that in mind, here's a link from ESPN.com projecting Vanderbilt will be spending New Year's Eve in Nashville's Music City Bowl. Doug Segrest of the Birmingham News puts the same hex on the Commodores. All I'll say, is if this actually happens, bank on the O'Shea wedding party having at least one suite at LP Field for that one.

There's at least one more Vanderbilt fan who wants a post-season trip, Cameron Martin of CBSSportsline.com. The only difference between the stuff he writes and what we write is that a lot of people read his stuff. Kind of makes you wonder why I'm linking to it, doesn't it?

Congratulations to Vanderbilt linebacker Patrick Benoist, named SEC Defensive Player of the Week. He's the second Commodore in as many weeks to earn Player of Week honors. Beyond the "Staff Report," the Man We Love to Hait has a story featuring Patrick's quality week in his Vanderbilt Football Notes article in today's Nashville City Paper. Double-dipping, Brett's also got a story on the "Nasty Guys" upfront who were instrumental in Vanderbilt's against South Carolina.

Did you hear Vanderbilt doesn't have an athletic department? Apparently the novelty hasn't warn off for the AP's Justin Post.

Rice Game Notes are available by clicking here.

Bobby, OUT


Chris Martin said...

Expectations. So far, Vandy has exceeded expectations. Now, the expectations are changing. Vandy should beat Rice (if they can beat South Carolina then they should beat Rice). However, lots of people are patting them on the back. I say, B. Johnson keeps them grounded and the Commodores post a big win this week.

Unknown said...

Bobby, I already have tickets to Nashville and - though I agree it is WAY to early to make predictions - I'm holding you to your "one suite at LP Field" comment.

Additionally, what happened to live blogging during games? It is much appreciated for non-televised games in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

As fast as the media builds you up...

I don't think a team, and a program, that's been below average for so long will suddenly have a problem with overconfidence, et al.

Prediction: Commodores are out for blood regardless of the opponent.