Thursday, September 18, 2008

VSL Email Jihad

Thanks to Douglas James for pointing out this page to complain to the Worldwide Leader about what's on (or not on) the ESPN Family of Networks. I don't think this is much an ESPN problem as a regional media problem (why wouldn't Fox Sports South, CSS, or Raycom be all over this game? Questions you can ask them by clicking the provided links). Still, if Commodore Nation can flood Bristol and these other fine outlets with our complete disdain for their programming decision, it's possible we'll get a little love as the season wears on.


Douglas James said...

Thats the same question I posted on the vandysports board. Apparently CSS is taping the game and plans on showing a tape delayed version in Mississippi and that ESPN has the right to pick up the game (subject to blackout) which would prob include Tennessee. I will never understand TV. There are people covering it, there are people who want to watch it. WTF is the problem?

Seamus O'Toole said...

Frankly, this has put me in a sour mood all week. I look forward to berating someone. This is a huge game for both teams and there is no excuse for zero TV coverage.

Tom said...

I've sent my emails in.

I haven't been this mad about Vandy TV coverage since I had to argue with the manager at Bailey's in Ballston about showing the 2005 MTSU game.

Is VSL going to liveblog from the Grove?

Davis said...

Don't know if anyone else got a response from sending out emails..but of the many I sent, FSN and FSN alone responded. This morning I received this very informative and polite email:

"Thank you for taking the time to write, and we understand your frustration at not being able to watch Vanderbilt on Saturday. Unfortunately, the scenario is not as simple as you describe. There are exclusive television windows for the SEC held by specific networks or distributors – Noon (Raycom), 3:30 (CBS) and 7 (ESPN). Essentially, these television windows are non-competitive meaning that FSN South is not permitted to televise an SEC game during those exclusive SEC windows. During the first two weeks of the college football season, CBS’s 3:30 window is non-exclusive due to that network’s coverage of the US Open, so FSN South was able to pick up and televise Georgia’s game against Central Michigan. We always welcome the opportunity to televise live SEC football and regret that it is not always a possibility. Please let us know if you have additional questions. Thank you again."

I guess that explains why CSS chose to show some Division II-A (ahem..FCS) teams instead.