Thursday, September 18, 2008

SEC Blog Exchange: Hotty Toddy Blog Answers Questions about Ole Miss

Out friends at Hotty Toddy Blog answered some of VSL's questions headed into Saturday's game. We did the same on a post that should be appearing on that site later today.

(1) How much of a factor is new coach Houston Nutt in the improvement of this team? What about Jevan Sneed?

Houston Nutt and Jevan Snead in my opinion are the two biggest differences in this year's team from last year's team. The team seems to be in much better spirit and motivated for the games. Jevan Snead is the best QB we've had since Eli and he may even top Eli when it's all said and done. Another person who has made some good contributions is the OC, Kent Austin.

(2) What is Ole Miss shooting for in this season? What would be a success?

A winning season and a bowl game. Anything beyond that would be a welcomed surprise. Can this team beat anyone we play? Yes. However, not having a winning season since 2003 our players have never experienced a bowl game. We need to win more in order for our players to get the Ole Miss swager back. When that happens we'll talk loftier goals.

(3) How big a factor is Dexter McCluster going to be in this game? Can he be stopped?

I think he will be a factor. He is all over the field. He throws, catches and runs well. I think the bigger factor will be the Ole Miss DLine being healthy. It seems the only way is for him to be injured. Other than that, I havent seen anyone stop him yet.

(4) How much better will your run defense be with the return of Peria Jerry and Ted Laurent?

Hopefully much better. With our entire D Line healthy we have some of the best talent in the SEC.

(5) What is Ole Miss' biggest weakness? What unit makes you hold your breathe?

Our defense the first two games gave up way too many yards. The main reason is the key injuries that we've had. We also had several turnovers in our first two games. We need to protect the ball better.

(6) Predictions?

This game is always close. Our strength is our Offense this year and Vandy has a great defense and is very physical. The key to the game will be our DLine and how effective they are at stopping the Vandy running attack. The game will be close but since the game is in Oxford, I'll give the edge to the Rebels.

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Boyer in the District said...

The biggest impact Houston Nutt has had on the team is the amount of food left over at the buffet during team dinners. Have you seen how much he's ballooned up since he left Arkansas? If he's no careful he's going to have to include a few angioplasties in his contract renegotiation.