Saturday, September 20, 2008

Because Someone Has to Cover This...



UPDATE (9:13): Pass incomplete from the 46 of Vanderbilt. They got time for one more play...

UPDATE (9:11): Vanderbilt coverage isn't great. Ole Miss ball, 23 seconds...

UPDATE (9:10): Kick is up...GOOD

Vanderbilt 23 - Ole Miss 17

UPDATE (9:08): Vanderbilt takes its 2nd time out. 4th and 8 and Vanderbilt's looking at a 40+ yard field goal.

UPDATE (9:06): Ole Miss just burned their last time-out. 3rd and 11 with 1:22.

UPDATE (9:03): Clock is running (under 2 minutes) as the Commodores have gotten 2 consecutive first downs. 1:28 to play (Ole Miss Time Out). 2nd and 12 from the Ole Miss 28. Ole Miss has 1 time out left.

Vanderbilt 20 - Ole Miss 17

UPDATE (9:00): After review, the ruling on the field STANDS...VANDERBILT BALL 2:40 TO GO

UPDATE: Play under review...


UPDATE (8:55) Busted coverage leads to Ole Miss reception and a 1st and Goal.

UPDATE (8:53): They convert again, but the clock continues to run. 1st and 10 from their 34

UPDATE (8:52): 3rd and 12...and with 4:26 left Ole Miss has to take a time out (2 left).

UPDATE (8:47): Needed to convert that 2nd and inches play. Ole Miss pinned inside their 20 with 5:10 to play. Stay tuned, this is going to be an exciting finish.

Vanderbilt 20 - Ole Miss 17

UPDATE (8:43): Huge interception by Reshard Langford at mid field. The stats don't tell the story (except for the turnovers), but this defense has stood up when they've needed to. If the Commodores can put some points on the board, they should be in good shape.

Vanderbilt 20 - Ole Miss 17 (6:30 to go)

UPDATE (8:32): It's NO GOOD. And Mac trots back on the field.

Vanderbilt 20 - Ole Miss 17 (just over 12 to go)...and we need to work some clock.

UPDATE (8:31): Another 3rd and Long, but this time the Commodores get a stop. A long kick (47 yarder) coming up for Ole Miss...


Vanderbilt 20 - Ole Miss 17

UPDATE (8:18): Big 3rd and Goal to start to 4th Quarter. Would love to put up 7, put at this point we'll take any points we can get. Mac has played steady despite missing a few receivers it sounds like he should have hit.

Vanderbilt 17 - Ole Miss 17

UPDATE (8:13): Nickson injured on a play (I missed). Adams in the game

UPDATE (8:00): Special Teams continue to be key for the Commodores! Vanderbilt ball at mid-field.


Still, 17-17

UPDATE (7:52): They can't. First and Goal

UPDATE (7:51): Vanderbilt almost got another huge turnover, instead they allowed a 3rd and long to be converted. With another 3rd down coming up right now, let's see if they can make a play.

Half-time Stats

UPDATE (7:19): Should we got for it on 4th and 1 on the 16? I say take the points. Given all that's happened this half, we'll take a tie at the midway point.

Bobby decides to, and we're tied.

Vanderbilt 17 - Ole Miss 17

UPDATE (7:15): How about Ryan Freaking Hammilton! Another interception and the Commodores knockin' knockin' knocking on the door.

UPDATE (7:04): Vanderbilt forced another punt, let's see if the offense can put a drive together and let the defense take a breather.

UPDATE (6:48): D.J. Moore is Back

UPDATE (6:42): Commodores hanging in there, what a way to convert on 3rd and Goal from the 10. This is going to be a great game...can't wait to see it tomorrow. Ole Miss 17 - Vanderbilt 14.

UPDATE (6:39) There goes that momentum as Ole Miss returns the kick-off for a touchdown. Ole Miss 17 - Vanderbilt 7. So much for taking the under.

UPDATE (6:36): WHAT A MOMENTUM SHIFT. Jevan Sneed gets picked off by Ryan Hamilton who takes it 80+ yards to the house. Ole Miss 10 - Vanderbilt 7

D.J. Moore is in the locker room having his hip looked at. When they report more on radio, so will I.

Update (6:31): Huge review for the Commodores. It's really awesome listening to this game and not being able to see the play. The Vanderbilt color announcer thought it was a good call. Big turn-over for the Commodores. Going down 10-0 on the road is never good. But there's a lot of time left. How this team responds now will say a lot about what kind of squad Bobby's got. As Joe just pointed out, this is the most Vanderbilt has trailed all season long.

More bad news: D.J. Moore is headed to the locker room for "treatment" after taking a huge hit on his first kick return.

Update (6:22): If it wasn't for Ole Miss' complete lack of discipline, Ole Miss would have scored a TD 2 minutes ago. I know Ole Miss has effectively moved the ball early, but I think going for it on 4th and 3 would have been a mistake. All things considered, Vanderbilt will certainly take being down 3-0. It could have been a lot worse. Let's see how Chris and the offense respond.

First drive stalled, but at least the Commodores appear to be mixing it up with the play calling.

We figured we'd live-blog the game the world forgot. By the way Raycom, another classic today in Fayetteville. I'm sure the 49-14 Bama beatdown of the Razorbacks in the Snake Bowl was a lot closer than the final score reflects. I wouldn't know, I fell asleep at 21-0.

Also, in case those in Commodore Nation were wondering, the good people as CSS think Elon at Georgia Southern is more worthy of live coverage than an SEC match-up of Vanderbilt at Ole Miss. Let the EMail Jihad continue.

Seamus and and I just did our pre-game are think a few things.

1. Vanderbilt should confound expectations and look to put the ball in the air early. Personally, I'd love to see Vanderbilt's first 15 plays go 2 to 1 pass to start. My rationale is two-fold. The first reason, they won't be expecting it. But the second is to try and lull Peria Jerry and Ted Laurent, who will be making their first starts on the defensive line for the Rebels. The adrenaline will mask the fact that these guys aren't 100% (no one is having not played all season). But as the game goes on, that will become more a factor. If Vanderbilt can start attacking by the air, it'll open things up on the ground for the long haul.

2. Vanderbilt can't stop both of Ole Miss' play-makers, Dexter McCluster and Jevan Sneed, but they've got to stop which one. What we'll be looking for is which one will it be?

3. How much with D.J. Moore play on the offensive side of the ball? He was exhausted after all the play he got last week, but with an open date next week, I imagine Bobby won't mind a tired D.J. Moore come next week. The only thing that can't happen is D.J's offensive exploits affecting his play in the secondary.

4. Quote from Bobby's Beatty: "Tennessee Sucks at Football." God I love this woman.

Comments welcome from those listening at home. Should be a good one.

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