Tuesday, July 29, 2008

VSL Hotline: Get Me Out Of This Job Edition

Once again the VSL staff has succumbed to the rigors of the field of law and hasn't posted in quite some time, so I figured I'd give this brief update on Vanderbilt sports because frankly, I am completely over my job. (Congratulations to Bobby O'Shea, by the way, who will be making his way back to Nashvegas for the rest of his law school career and can perhaps provide the most official live coverage).

As Douglas James has been so aptly pointing out, Vanderbilt's committments are rolling much faster now, and it appears we may have a couple of dangerous threats in the backfield for the coming years. Zac Stacy of Bibb County, Alabama and Warren Norman of Chamblee, Georgia both committed to the Commodores. Brett Hait has the story here.

Brett also has the story on Ross Neltner and Alex Gordon both playing foreign ball in Turkey. Red is excited that he'll know someone over there in a new situation, can't say I blame him.

Unless I missed something, which usually isn't the case, I never heard anything about what Bobby plans to do with Jermaine Doster, but if he hasn't decided perhaps he should view our poll that says a 1 to 3 game suspension is an adequate punishment.

There's still a QB battle according to CBJ and most of you think Nickson should be the go-to guy, mostly for the fact that he has more upside than Mackenzie. I agree with you VSL nation. Question is, will CBJ?


Bobby O'Shea said...

Brett Linked to this article from the Washington Post at Nashville Ballerz. Apparently Curtis Gatewood is impressing some people in DC.

Bobby O'Shea said...
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Douglas James said...

Nice to have you guys back. I have been pretty bored since your last post. Here is some other good stuff out there in the interweb:

1) The Tennessean has two good articles, one on replacing talent we lost and two on the kicking game which we all know needs improvement.

2) A Vandy prof wrote a book about an all american football recruit coming to Vandy to play ball and go to school. I look forward to reading it when it comes out.

Tom said...

Didn't realize Gatewood was trying to make the team. With Yoder and Geisinger also in Ashburn, that now gives me three reasons to watch the local team. That and it's fun to know why all the people in the office are so sour on Monday mornings.