Monday, April 28, 2008

NFL Draft, Keegan Bell to UTC, and Tinsley Down to Two

A few things in Vandy news this morning:

First the NFL Draft. Chris Williams (Bears, Round 1, Pick 14), Earl Bennett (Bears, Round 3, Pick 70) and Jonathan Goff (Giants, Round 5, Pick 165) were all selected in this weekend's NFL draft. In addition, Theo Horrocks signed an Unsigned Free-Agent Deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Curtis Gatewood and Marcus Buggs are also rumored to have been contacted by a variety of NFL teams and will likely be signed in the coming weeks. Also, a number of other players are being considered by NFL teams, including Brian Stamper. The story is in the Nashville City Paper, courtesy of, you guessed it, Brett Hait.

Second, The Chattanooga Times Free-Press has found out that Keegan Bell will be transferring to Tennessee-Chattanooga. Brett Hait's got that story as well.

Finally, the rumor out there is that Tinsley is still undecided between Wake Forest and Vandy after his weekend at Wake. If I'm Stallings I'm putting in the last big push right now because we NEED this kid.

One week until finals are over and then I am a free man.



Bobby O'Shea said...

I am really stoked KB is headed to UTC. The Southern Conference, with flashy teams like Davidson, is definitely the place to go as a pit-stop on your way to And 1 tour glory. What better place to perfect his behind the back passing skills, his off the glass alley-opping ability, and the range he'll need to drop bombs from 30?

Despite dropping the series to UK at home, it was a great weekend for Vanderbilt with the NFL draft. While Seamus was right to be bummed that a team with 3 players drafted couldn't get that 6th win and a bowl berth, it definitely shows recruits that Vanderbilt can and does prepare you for the NFL. 4 guys have a shot to make NFL rosters, with Curtis and Brian likely to sign a free agent deal swelling that number to 6.

Braddock said...

See ya KB! Hope you have fun at UTC! I still can't figure out what you were thinking. To me...just plain "not smart." But I guess it's not about's all about YOU! - Not the team, that's for sure! Adios!

Aaron said...

The Hair aka the Big MelK said that the bears had the best draft, namely due to EB and Chris. Good pub for vandy, maybe we can get some recruits out of this.

Anonymous said...

is tinsley gonna sign? any other news as of late? what's up?

Stanimal said...

Still no word. Could play better into our favor as it likely means he didn't get so blown away by Wake that he wanted to commit immediately. We shall see.

Douglas James said...

According to Rivals its 50/50 with us and Wake and he will prob decide next week or the week after.

In other news you guys see that Chris Lofton played this entire year after battling cancer in the off-season. Him being puke orange aside that is pretty remarkable. Maybe i'll actually root for him to make it in the NBA now.....maybe

Anonymous said...

Bruce Pearl got divorced after 25 years of marriage. Just two days after the couple's 25th anniversary. Dick move? I hope he bangs some dumb blond from UT, he probably deserves that.

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

Given the time commitment these coaches necessarily give to their jobs, it's a real wonder any of them can maintain any sort of family life.

DeacNutt said...

Just read that Tinsley verballed to Vandy last night. Congrats.

-Scott the Demon

Aaron said...

Rivals confirms what Scott reports. Tinsley to VANDY!! WOW THIS CLASS IS REALLY REALLY GREAT!!! If they all pan out we have a shot at an SEC title and a long tourney run.

Anonymous said...

Tinsley is indeed a 'dore...ut boots a pair of players...the baseball team hammered the little orange last night...and american idol still sucks.

My name is "Anonymous" and I approve this message.

Douglas James said...

Now that we have our team for next year what do you think the starting lineup will be?

5- AJ
4- McClellan
3- Jeff Taylor
2- Tinsley
1- Dolla

Also is it to early to come up with a name for this class? If only Lance's last name started with "T" we could put something together but i got nothing right now

Douglas James said...

Wait I think I got bout "The Four Corners" - like they are from the 4 corners of the US (Oregon, NY, Florida, NM) and they will be the cornerstones of our program?

Anonymous said...

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