Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Breaking News: Georgia Tech Steals a Recruit

Aaron stumbled upon this piece from today's Truth and Rumors section on

The 6'6 DE is headed to Tech according to

Hopefully this is an isolated incident.

Thanks to Aaron for pointing out.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Aaron, a Signing Day Tracker from


Anonymous said...

When I saw the headline I thought you were going to say that DeAndre Jones went to TN or something.

A good class overall. Steadiness is going to win the race for Vandy.

DiNardo Jr. (Saban) gets Julio Jones. Great...just in time for the Fresno State Offensive Coordinator they just hired to put in the spread offense.

Anonymous said...

american idol sucks

Unknown said...

this aaron character should guest write a column... he seems to have a good grasp of whats going on in vandy sports.

also, FINALLY, neltner shows up tonight and commies get their first road win. coincidence? i think not.