Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Big Game Tonight...Too Bad I Can't Give Any Insights (Not that I could, even if I could)

I've said this before, but this law school thing is no joke. With that in mind, if anyone out there in VSL Nation wants to give a passionate Vanderbilt fan a summer associateship, email the newsroom and I'll be happy to send a resume and whatever else you need. Note: I am not kidding.

Seeing as how I am pretty slammed, all I can do is link to a few articles, remind everyone that today is National Signing Day, and say that tonight's game in Athens is a big one for the Commodores.

Vanderbilt tips off in Athens at 7:30. The game will not be televised, but you can lisen online by clicking here, or by tuning into Sirius 143.

National Signing Day Central on
should be checked throughout the day. The faxes should start coming in after 9am Eastern. Mo's got a piece in today's Tennessean highlighting Vanderbilt's escapades in Florida. Also, Brett Hait's got a thread on Vanderbilt's recruiting class on Nashville Ballerz

Here are the coaches quotes in anticipation of tonight's Georgia/Vanderbilt game. I haven't read them yet, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Mo thinks the key to tonight's game is Vanderbilt getting their inside game going according to his second piece in today's Tennessean. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Happy Hump Day.

Bobby, OUT


Douglas James said...

Its still early in the day but we have I think 19 signed guys already including all of our big recruits. Hopefully we can somehow steal a player or two from someone else.

Douglas James said...
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Anonymous said...

georgia is not on my mind. i haven't listened or watched a vandy game on the road in 3 years where we won. but we have pulled away w/ a few when i didn't (toledo this year comes to mind). so tonight, i shall run my errands after work, settle in for duke-unc, then check the score. hopefully i see a vandy W on the web.