Sunday, January 6, 2008

Vanderbilt's Defense a Cause for Concern...

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but I found Luke Winn's most recent Inside College Hoops on a must read for any Commie fan too over-confident after the team's 15-0 start. Winn makes the point that Vanderbilt's defensive play does not jive with it's potent offense. The good news for Commodore fans is the team is getting the attention it deserves; the bad news, is this team's defense is a liability and a real cause for concern heading into SEC play.

We will have a South Carolina preview up before Wednesday's game, as well as the latest installment of the Vanderbilt Nationally Televised Basketball Drinking Game before the Commies face off with Kentucky at Rupp Arena on CBS. This is going to be an exciting season at Memorial, and VSL is your source for the best (or at least most rabid) Vanderbilt Sports coverage on the web.