Friday, January 11, 2008

Vanderbilt Nationally Televised Drink Game (Updated UT Edition)

Here are the 2007-08 rules for the National Televised Vanderbilt Basketball Drinking Game. Please use them responsibly, and by responsibly, I mean with Beer.

1. Take a sip whenever they make a reference to the elevated court and how difficult it is to play in Memorial despite the fact the game will be played at Rupp.

2. Drink for 5 seconds whenever a reference is made to Vanderbilt not having an athletic department.

3. Despite running nothing that resembled the "Princeton Offense," if either announce uses that term when Vanderbilt has the ball, you drink.

4. "Live by the three, die by the three" will earn you 3 seconds.

5. Any reference to Vanderbilt being "the Harvard of the South" or a "fine academic institution" is worth 4.0 seconds.

6. Any time UT goes on a run of 8-0 or over without Stallings call a time out, drink every 5 seconds until he does or Vanderbilt hits a three to blunt the momentum. While this is a hold-over from year's past, it still holds true, despite the fact VSL is coming around on CKS.

7. (Courtesy of HaveFunExpecttoWin) 3 seconds if they mention Vanderbilt sharing the record with Princeton and UNLV for a 3pt shot made in every game since the 3pt line was introduced.

8. Every time they flash to a picture of Bruce Pearl in bodypaint, take a sip. Anytime they show Pat Summitt leading the crowd in Rocky Top name your favorite WNBA player and take a sip. If they happen to have audio of the rendition, I'd recommend putting it on mute until they stop.

9. If Bruce Pearl takes his Vomit Orange Blazer off before the second TV time-out (after the 12 minute mark), alternate doing 30 seconds of jumping jacks and drinking for 5 second until you are as sweaty as he is (this rule particularly applies if you are at a bar).

This is a good start, but (as always) f you have additional suggestions, add them in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

this blog is even better when translated via

Aaron said...

drink every time vandy scores...light weights

Anonymous said...

Drink every time american idol sucks...look how that worked out for Paula Abdula.

(but she still looks ok, even though she has no brain)

Seamus O'Toole said...

Still no word on whether Meeks will play. If you were Gillispie, would you play a guy coming off an injury who hadn't practiced in two days?